Teaching resource 1 – Prep English – Phonics

Pinterest Education

Teaching resource 1 – Prep English – Phonics

This teaching resource has been created via Pinterest, the compiled activities target Prep students. Follow the link below to access the Pinterest board.

Evaluation Matrix

Name of teaching resource

Pinterest – Prep – English (phonics)

Weblink (if web based)


Who should this digital teaching resource be used with? (ie year/grade)

This Pinterest board has been created for teachers to find resources for Prep students learning phonics.

How should it be used? (e.g. individual, whole class)

The Pinterest board is for teachers to use. Teachers can search and ‘pin’ activities, worksheets, songs, posters and ideas that relate to phonics for Prep students.

Which subject or learning area would it be most appropriate to use in?

This particular Pinterest board is appropriate to use for Prep English.

Identify the strengths of this teaching resource

The pins in this board are great ways for Prep children to learn phonics including songs and games that provide the children with hands on, engaging learning.

Identify any weaknesses of this teaching resource

Some activities and worksheets found on Pinterest do require the user to sign up or make payments, however, there are so many fantastic resources that are free of charge.

Explain any ideas you may have for further use of this teaching resource

Pinterest can easily be extended to keep up with students’ current interests and skills. Various boards can be made on Pinterest, which allows teachers to use the tool for any subject. While the students are becoming comfortable with phonics, I would like to add more notes on the most enjoyed activities and find more activities that relate to these.


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