I find transmedia to be a very intriguing topic. It amazes me how much digital media can converge together and how quickly stories and media can spread. Professor Henry Jenkins (2007) describes transmedia storytelling as “a process where integral elements of a fiction get dispersed systematically across multiple delivery channels.” Each element creates its own individual piece that contributes to the story.

Transmedia can include many different types of material. John Hartman’s example of the Wizard of Oz shows just how much an original piece can be extended on. The Wizard of Oz was originally a novel, after the novel came a film, toys, games, stage plays, as well as different versions of books, stage plays and films from different character perspectives, such as Wicked (Hartman, 2013).


Another great example is Star Wars, also mentioned by Robert Pratten (2014). By incorporating a range of media platforms, they are able to attract different audiences, for example, an older generation would have enjoyed the original Star Wars films, where as new video games and toys attract the attention of a younger generation otherwise known as ‘digital natives’ (Howell, 2012, p. 6).

When I think about my future and becoming a teacher, I think of ways transmedia will benefit both my personal and professional life. In the classroom, transmedia can be useful for both teachers and students to extend on each other’s research, thoughts and ideas through online discussions and surveys. Now that there is a wide range of technologies available, teachers and students are no longer limited to text based research (Howell, 2015).




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